If you have any more information about the KSU course please e-mail us so we can post for use by all. The following information was recently brought to our attention - thanks Barrett.

UPDATE - Check out this new 28 hole course that we were recently informed of.

Hole 1. Par 3 -- 260 ft
Tee: 75 ft NE of Lot A3, near base of tree
Pin: Tree 25 ft west of Lot A3
The tee is a white pipe half-buried horizontally in the ground by a tree root (seen best from near the stone wall and looking west).


Hole 2. Par 3 --255 ft
Tee: Loading zone in Lot A3
Pin: Lamppost DW25, west of the Veterans' Memorial
Watch for vehicle traffic on the street and pedestrians in and around the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial.


Hole 3. Par 3 -- 380 ft
Tee: At SE corner of Danforth Chapel
Pin: Lamppost DW39, at NE corner of Thompson Hall
This hole is quite a bit tougher than normal. Stay clear of the fenced-off areas, even if it means extra throws.


Hole 4. Par 3 -- 245 ft
Tee: On sidewalk just NW of 3rd Pin
Pin: Lamppost DW33, just east of Nichols Hall
An upward slope and a mostly concrete pin area make this deceiving.


Hole 5. Par 3 -- 310 ft
Tee: At SE corner of Nichols Hall
Pin: Lamppost DW54, SW of Nichols
Watch out, the wind can swirl here, pushing discs into the building.


Hole 6. Par 3 -- 265 ft
Tee: At SW corner of Nichols Hall
Pin: Lamppost DW52, east of Calvin Hall
Be careful of pedestrians coming around the corner of Nichols Hall.


Hole 7. Par 3 -- 370 ft
Tee: On sidewalk just east of 6th Pin
Pin: Statue just NW of Fairchild Hall
You must hit the statue on its upright part, the large circular base does not count. Watch for crossing pedestrians.


Hole 8. Par 3 -- 325 ft
Tee: On sidewalk at SE corner of Anderson Hall
Pin: Large pine at the north of the group in Anderson lawn
Don't let this slope pull your disc to the right, leaving a difficult approach around the trees.


Hole 9. Par 3 -- 275 ft
Tee: On sidewalk by benches just NE of Anderson
Pin: Through the hole in the concrete and silver statue.
You may enter the hole from the either side, but the disc must pass completely through it. Watch out for pedestrians on this hole.


Hole 10. Par 3 -- 300 ft
Tee: On sidewalk east of Leasure Hall
Pin: Lamppost, GW1, due west of Willard Hall
This is a high-pedestrian area; be patient and throw only when clear.


Hole 11. Par 3 -- 320 ft
Tee: On sidewalk south and west of 10th Pin
Pin: Lamppost GW31, north of Leasure Hall
Watch for pedestrians.


Hole 12. Par 4 -- 460 ft
Tee: On sidewalk NW of 11th Pin
Pin: Tree just north of the NW corner of Willard Hall
Again, watch for pedestrians. Keeping your first shot in control is key to this par 4, the longest hole on the course.


Hole 13. Par 3 230 ft
Tee: In circular area by statue north of Willard
Pin: White "Fork" Statue north of King Hall
Easiest hole to birdie on the course, but it can be tricky. Watch for cars.


Hole 14. Par 4 -- 400 ft
Tee: On sidewalk NE of 13th Pin
Pin: Lamppost CW2, through Quinlin Natural Area
Arguably the hardest hole on the course. Watch where your discs land.


Hole 15. Par 4 -- 430 ft
Tee: On sidewalk by street east of 14th Pin
Pin: Lone tree almost to the wall by North Manhattan Ave.
Be careful to avoid the street as well as the cars parked along it; a bad drive or wild second shot can make for big problems.


Hole 16. Par 3 -- 370 ft
Tee: White pipe in ground SW of 15th Pin
Pin: Large pine just beyond the big silver statue
Don't let the double threat of the creek and the street scare you into a short first throw.


Hole 17. Par 3 -- 250 ft
Tee: On sidewalk south of 16th Pin.
Pin: Lamppost DW2, just east of statue
A short par 3, but watch out for the trees and the extremely thin Pin.


Hole 18. Par 4 -- 400 ft
Tee: On sidewalk south and east of 17th Pin
Pin: Leaning tree 75 ft south of 1st tee
Keeping your first shot to the left on this wide open fairway can set up for an easier approach through the trees.



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