Hole 1 - Par 4
Hole 10 - Par 4
Tee: Top of the hill, by the swimming pool   Tee: Sidewalk next to Football Field bleachers
Pin: Tree where the two sidewalks meet   Pin: Tree across creek, by the parking lot
Hole 2 - Par 3
Hole 11 - Par 3
Tee: Sidewalk next to Hole 1 pin   Tee: Parking lot behind pin on Hole 10
Pin: Pine tree at opening of fairway   Pin: Large tree at bottom of Hill/Fairway
Hole 3 - Par 4
Hole 12 - Par 4
Tee: Pavement where the park road meets parking lot   Tee: In front of creek, just over from pin on Hole 11
Pin: Utility pole next to main parking lot   Pin: Small lone tree behind thicket of 5+ trees
Hole 4 - Par 3
Hole 13 - Par 3
Tee: Asphalt at corner of parking lot   Tee: At end of sidewalk that runs behind pin on Hole 12
Pin: light pole after bench on sidewalk   Pin: Utility pole, behind trees, next to street
Hole 5 - Par 4
Hole 14 - Par 3
Tee: Up between buildings, by small cattle pin   Tee: Small parking lot just up from pin on Hole 13
Pin: Utility pole next to street and small tree   Pin: Small tree next to second fitness area
Hole 6 - Par 3
Hole 15 - Par 3
Tee: Edge of street by pin on Hole 5   Tee: Next to pin on Hole 14
Pin: Last tree in the row of trees by the street   Pin: Y shaped tree at top of hill
Hole 7 - Par 4
Hole 16 - Par 3
Tee: On grass next to pin on Hole 6   Tee: Sidewalk behind pin on Hole 15
Pin: Utility pole next to batting cages   Pin: Lone pine tree at bottom of hill
Hole 8 - Par 3
Hole 17 - Par 3
Tee: Parking space next to batting cages   Tee: Sidewalk next to rest areas at playground
Pin: Tree in middle of clump of trees at end of sidewalk   Pin: Large tree next to bridge
Hole 9 - Par 3
Hole 18 - Par 4
Tee: Sidewalk at end of baseball diamonds   Tee: Sidewalk just across the bridge
Pin: Small lone tree at bottom of cove of trees   Pin: Small tree at edge of parking lot/bottom of hill


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