The Atomic Cannon is off of Exit 300 on I-70 in Kansas. The exit is also for Fort Riley and Junction City, Kansas.

According to the sign this is one of only three in existence. The other two are located at Ft. Sill Oklahoma and the U.S. Army Ordinance Center in Aberdeen, Maryland. It was placed in service on November 17, 1952 and deactivated August 1963. Two 375 HP engines transported the cannon at 35 M.P.H. The cannon can fire a projectile, 11 inches in diameter for more than 20 miles. This cannon was never fired.

Carmen posing with the Atomic Cannon



View of Ft. Riley from the hill the Cannon is perched on



11 Inch Projectile



View of the barrel



Looking down the barrel



Carmen checking out Ft. Riley with her binoculars



Panoramic view of the Cannon



View of the Cannon's Breach



The Atomic Cannon is not that well documented on the web. The picture to the right is the Atomic Cannon in Maryland. The picture is linked to the site we found it at. 06.17.2001